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Character Profile
Your characteristics determine how well you complete Missions, Battle against others, and advance in the game.

Career: Your Career gives you an edge at one aspect of the game. You choose your Career when you start playing, but you can change it at any time by Visiting the Prepper.

Skill Points: Skill points are used to permanently increase your Combat, Leadership, Engineering, Max Energy, Max Stamina, and Max Health attributes, and to add Survivors. You gain skill points by levelling up and mastering all Missions in a Storyline. Note that you can Visit The Prepper to buy permanent upgrades to your attribues as well.

Combat: Combat contributes to how well you do when initiating battles with others.

Leadership: Leadership is a 'hybrid' characteristic that is used in both attacking and defending in battles.

Engineering: When a rival initiates a battle, your Engineering helps determine how well you defend yourself.

Max Energy: Energy is used for Missions and regenerates over time, up to the maximum value. See the Missions help topic for more info.

Max Stamina: Stamina is used when Battling with others (1 Stamina per battle). Like Energy, Stamina regenerates over time up to this maximum value. See the Battling with Others help topic for more info.

Max Health: Health determines how long you can battle with others. Once your Health goes below 25, you can not battle anymore. Health regenerates over time, up to this maximum value. See the Health and the Doc help topic for more info.
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