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Food and your Freezer
Food is used to barter for in-game Equipment, set up Scavenger Parties, pay Equipment Upkeep, and to pay the Doc. You carry Food with you, or can stash it in your Freezer. On all but the Freezer screen, you see how much Food you have on hand. Food on hand is used to pay for Equipment and for Scavenger Parties. Food in you Freezer is used to pay the Doc.

Your Freezer: Food you have in you Freezer is protected from being stolen from your Rivals during battles. You lose 10% of your Food on hand when stashing it into the Freezer .

Hourly Collection: Every hour, you collect a harvest from your scavengers and pay Equipment upkeep. You can buy Boosts to shorten this time. If your Upkeep is greater than your harvest, you will lose Food hourly. If you run out of Food, Equipment will be abandoned by your survivors. The Equipment with the highest Upkeep will be abandoned first.
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