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MOBCash and the Bank
MOBCash is used to buy in-game Items and Rackets, pay Item Upkeep, and to heal yourself at the Doc. You carry MOBCash with you, or can deposit it in the Bank. On all but the Bank screen, you see how much MOBCash you have on hand. MOBCash on hand is used to pay for Items and Rackets. MOBCash in the Bank is used to pay the Doc.

The Bank: MOBCash you have in the Bank is protected from being stolen from your Rivals during fights. For this protection, you pay a 10% laundering fee when depositing money into the bank.

Hourly Collection: Every hour, you collect income from your rackets and pay item upkeep. You can buy Boosts to shorten this time. If your Upkeep is greater than your Income, you will lose money hourly. If you run out of MOBCash, Items will be sold to cover the debt. The items with the highest Upkeep will be sold first.
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