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Need 8 Experience for Level 2
Current Tool: Trash Bag
Power: 10/10

What do you want to do?
Search for Trash![1]
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Your Stats:
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Searches: 0
Pounds Cleaned: 0
Pounds Spilled: 0
Animals Rescued: 0
Seeds Found: 0
Seeds Gifted: 0
Seed Bonus: 0%

Freedom Oil You have 0 bottles of Freedom Oil
seed boost You have completed 0 out of 5 steps needed to find the seed magnet, which when found will increase the odds of finding seeds when freeing trapped animals!

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Chatlillybare: Good Morning Everyone, I have A Question? What does it mean to get the Seeds, what do they do :)
ChatCclay55: i sent it
ChatCclay55: You have successfully gifted your seed to Sammi25. Let them know of your generosity!
ChatSammi25: I would please :-)
ChatCclay55: duz any1 want a seed
ChatMuncheese4yourbass: Level 19
ChatYvonne0813: Not only is there no trash to cleanup at that location, you have spilled 5100 Pounds of trash and lost 127391 experience!

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